4 New Year’s Resolutions Your HVAC System Will Thank You For

The new year represents a new start for many people with the ability to make real change and seize new opportunities. But when you’re creating your list of New Year’s resolutions, there’s a good chance that your HVAC system won’t come up in conversation. Even though we often think about the new year as a chance to become better people, we should also consider the ways that we can create a happier, healthier, more comfortable environment for ourselves and our families. Read on to find out what New Year’s resolutions you can adopt this year to keep your HVAC system healthy and happy.

Adopt These HVAC New Year’s Resolutions in 2018

Not every homeowner is an HVAC expert. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 4 simple HVAC New Year’s resolutions that you can make for better home comfort in the new year.


HVAC New Years Resolutions


Las Vegas Preventative HVAC Maintenance

One of the best things that you can do for your HVAC system is to keep up with preventative maintenance. Just like your vehicle needs routine oil changes and inspections to ensure that everything is running smoothly, so does your HVAC system. Cal Air Cooling & Heating makes it easy to keep your air conditioner or heater in tip-top shape with our preventative HVAC maintenance services for homeowners in the Las Vegas area and beyond.

Our licensed HVAC technicians will clean and lubricate your system while checking for any malfunctions or repair issues. By keeping your system clean and addressing repair needs the moment they arise, you can save more money over time. (Not to mention extend the life of your HVAC system!)

If you’d like to hear more about our preventative maintenance services, give us a call today: (702) 550-1435.

10 Mini Makeover Ideas for Your Home

You don’t have to spend all your money or time in order to make your house a stylish, more comfortable place to be. Here are just a few mini home makeover ideas that you can use to improve the look and feel of your home:

  1. Paint your front door.

If the paint on your front door is damaged, cracked, or peeling, it’s time for a fresh coat! Whether you choose the same color or opt to add a pop of bright color, painting the front door can really help improve the look and feel of your home.

  1. Add flowers to the walkway.

Flowers and plants in the entryway can help create a more welcoming environment. Plant your favorites along the front walkway to boost your home’s curb appeal and ensure that your front entryway is inviting to guests.

  1. Get a stair runner.

If you have wood stairs in your home, a stair runner can be a great option for helping you protect the flooring while also adding a fun and colorful accent. Choose a floor runner made of a material that is durable yet attractive, and choose colors that tie the rest of the room together.

  1. Introduce more storage.

For many homeowners, storage space is often hard to come by. Adding floating shelves, small bookcases, and baskets will allow you to create more space for storage while freshening up the look of your home.

  1. Update your trim work.

You don’t necessarily have to install brand new trim work throughout your home. However, you can make some improvements by replacing any missing or damaged molding. Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your trim.

  1. Replace an old lighting fixture.

Have an old lighting fixture that just doesn’t go with the room? Replace it with a more attractive option. To be safe, make sure that you turn off the power at the breaker before getting started with this project.

  1. Opt for new cabinet hardware.

Replacing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can be expensive. However, if you want to make a change to your cabinets without breaking the bank, you can give them a mini makeover with new hardware. Find handles and door pulls that match your kitchen or bathroom appliances to help create balance within the room.

  1. Install a new faucet.

A new faucet can really help you improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Opt for a more elegant configuration to enhance the space. Just make sure that the faucet matches your sink and complements the hardware on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

  1. Use paint stencils to add beautiful accents.

Tired of looking at plain walls? Why not spice them up a little bit with some paint stencils. You can find these stencils at any craft store or even print them for free online. The best part is that paint stencils are highly customizable, allowing you to create a look that’s all your own. Whether you go for a chic accent wall in the living room or a wacky pattern in the kids room, there are a ton of different looks you can create with paint stencils.

  1. Hang a medicine cabinet.

Putting a new medicine cabinet in the bathroom not only allows you to add more storage space but also gives you the opportunity to show off your style. For a more eclectic look, find a vintage-inspired piece, or for a more chic and minimalist vibe, you can use a simple mirrored medicine cabinet.


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Top Houseplants for Improving Your Home’s IAQ

Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, is important to your health and well-being—especially if you’re like most people in the US and you spend a good deal of your time indoors. Poor IAQ can lead to a variety of issues from common complaints, such as headaches or runny nose, to more serious health complications. Fortunately, houseplants can help!

During the 1980’s, NASA conducted a 2-year long research study aimed at finding ways to create a healthy atmosphere for astronauts traveling in outer space. Through this study they found that certain plants have the ability to actually filter out harmful pollutants from the air. Read on to learn more about some of the top plants that this study found to help purify a home’s indoor air.

Best Houseplants for Indoor Air Quality


Best Houseplants for Indoor Air Quality

Another smart way to improve your home’s IAQ is by having your home’s ducts sealed. At Cal Air, we have expert technicians that can perform air duct sealing that will stop excess cooling loss from your A/C, as well as prevent contaminants from entering and building up in your ductwork. Call us today to find out how we can help improve your home’s IAQ, as well as help you save money on your home’s energy bills, with Aeroseal air duct sealing: 702-550-1435.

Maintenance Checklist: What to Repair Before the New Year

With the coming of the new year, Las Vegas area homeowners look forward to seasonal changes that affect their home’s HVAC system. We’ve created this handy HVAC Maintenance Checklist so you can easily determine how to prepare your home for the upcoming year.

Maintenance Checklist for 2017

Here are 10 things you should complete in the new year to keep your home maintained and your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently until 2018:

  1. Have a maintenance check performed on your HVAC system. This should be done twice a year, both in Spring and Fall, and at the very least performed annually. If you haven’t scheduled an annual professional service call for HVAC maintenance, be sure to do so today!
  1. Winterize your home. Check for any drafty spots on and around exterior walls that could allow cold air to sneak into your home. Weather strip doors and windows and seal areas that could have air leaks: around external electrical outlets, attic entryways, and floorboards.
  1. Irrigation backflow devices need insulation, too. Do so by covering the device with a towel and placing a large bucket over the covered device so that it is completely shielded.
  1. Check all vents in your home and make sure that none are being blocked or obstructed.
  1. The temperatures don’t often dip below freezing in the Las Vegas area, but it’s certainly possible. It’s even more likely if you live in an area of higher elevation. Be sure to protect your pipes by disconnecting and draining hoses when the temperatures drop and when not in use.
  1. Keep drafts from entering underneath doorways by placing door draft blockers at the bottoms of every external door on your home.
  1. If you plan to leave your home for an extended time, instead of turning your HVAC system completely off, set the temperature to around 50 degrees. This will ensure that your pipes don’t freeze in case very cold temperatures occur, and it will also keep houseplants from dying.
  1. Clean around your HVAC systems thoroughly. Be sure to remove any dust and debris on and around the unit. Also, check the space around your HVAC units to ensure that there is plenty of clearance, and that no objects are leaning on or are placed on top of your system.
  1. To prevent damage to soft pipes when frozen water expands, be sure to close off the valve to your irrigation system. Hardware and home improvement stores also carry insulated wraps for pipes and faucet socks that can help protect any exposed spigots or pipes.
  1. And last, but certainly not least: replace your furnace’s air filter. This is a simple fix that can quickly add a bit of life back into your HVAC unit. A system that is struggling to work against a dirty air filter will work harder, and because of this, your system will have to run longer and less efficiently than it would with a clean filter. Check your filter regularly for buildup and replace it as soon as it gets dirty.

Need help getting your HVAC system ready for the new year? Contact the experts at Cal Air Cooling and Heating. Whether you need a new HVAC system or just want your annual tune-up, we are ready to help make sure your home comfort needs are met.