HVAC Preventive MaintenanceWe’re sure you’ve been around long enough to have experienced for yourself the time tested saying “You Get What You Pay For”.

You would never want to pay more than you should, but HVAC companies that do not charge at least a fair price to maintain your unit will make up the difference in some other way.

Even some of our HVAC technicians have previously worked for HVAC companies in Las Vegas that told them to make sure they find something wrong and sell parts on maintenance calls.

Whether you are looking for home HVAC maintenance or commercial HVAC maintenance in Las Vegas, we are your trusted HVAC technicians. We at Cal Air will not tolerate dishonesty. Our HVAC technician will inform you if they find anything which needs further attention, leaving the final decision up to you.

Our Maintenance Fee has never been to make money. We price our HVAC maintenance fee to keep our technicians busy and employed during the slow times of the year (when the weather is great outside).

Therefore, we must put a deadline date on how late we can perform HVAC maintenance work at discounted rates.

When the weather changes the deadline is up.

After the deadline, we will still do HVAC maintenance work, but the HVAC maintenance cost is at higher rates. Please don’t be the one who puts maintenance off, or does not get it performed. Those who do this inevitably have minor repairs turn into major expenses at the busiest time of year.

Advantage Club Members receive additional discounts on emergency repairs because they help cut down on our overload of emergency work when the weather does change.

Contact us to help you with your HVAC preventive maintenance in Las Vegas today!


HVAC Maintenance Checklist

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Total system performance check
  • Customer supplied filter changes
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Electrical systems check
  • Refrigerant systems check