The Latest HVAC Trends on the Market: What the Future Holds and What Customers Need to Know

The HVAC industry has been going through a lot of changes brought on by the rapid evolution of technology as well as changes in regulatory statutes. In the U.S., new central air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps installed in residential homes have had the rating requirements increased from 13 SEER (seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to 14 SEER for Southern states. States in the Southwestern region of the U.S have had their Energy Efficiency Ratio reduced to 11.7.

Overall, the new regulations call for a heat pump efficiency of 14 SEER with a heating seasonal performance factor of 8.2 HSPF. The regulations allowed manufacturers who still had the old rated equipment to have their inventory installed by July 16, 2016. This deadline has come and gone and those builders and manufacturers who are found in contravention of the laws will be fined accordingly.

Latest HVAC Trends

Here are some of the latest HVAC trends that customers should be aware of:

HVAC Regulatory changes

In addition to the Department of Energy’s changing efficiency standards, the EPA has also increased its efforts to phase out HFC refrigerants (also known as R404a). The legislation will impact commercial manufacturers and HVAC operators who use HFC refrigerants. The Clean Air Act has been updated to prohibit the release of known ozone-depleting refrigerants during servicing, repairing, maintenance and disposal of appliances. These regulatory changes will surely drive new product designs and bring a healthier, cost-effective way to install and run HVAC systems.

Intelligent HVAC Systems

We are moving towards an age where technological advances have altered every facet of our lives. The HVAC industry has become one of the fastest technologically evolving industries. Manufacturers have become more innovative in designing heating, cooling, and ventilation products. HVAC systems and controls are getting smarter and more efficient. The tech revolution enables HVAC owners to utilize smart automation platforms, smart ventilation systems even smartphone integration through applications that can help people manage more than just their home security but the efficient use of energy as well.

Integrated HVAC systems

There is a growing trend for HVAC systems that are integrated into the design and construction of a building. This means that HVAC systems are now required to be integrated in a meaningful way with the mechanical systems of a building and consequently into the building management system that controls lighting, water or security. These mechanical systems can be integrated into one point of control and be managed on one panel making it easy and convenient for building owners to monitor energy use.

HVAC Goes Mobile

As the industry embraces smart solutions, they have to look at using mobile apps that will not only allow users to control their air conditioning units remotely on the smart devices but also help create a program for preventative maintenance.

These technological changes in the HVAC industry call for a relook at how technicians are trained and what they are trained for. Homeowners who are looking to buy an HVAC system should look at the innovative products that are available on the market. If you want more information or want to see the latest products and services we offer, visit our website or better yet, call us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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