You’ve Got HVAC Questions – We’ve Got Answers!

We know that sifting through pages of information on HVAC control systems can be tiresome and mind-numbing. You have enough going on in your busy lives. That’s what your local Las Vegas HVAC specialists are for. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions we get from our local community and provided the answers to these crucial HVAC questions.

What is HVAC?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. These functions are interrelated, seeking to provide good air quality and thermal comfort throughout the year. All are crucial to combat the temperature and humidity variations that come with the changing seasons.

Do heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance?

Absolutely. Regular maintenance is imperative for your system to function at its optimal level throughout the year. It is natural for dust and dirt to build up in your ducts, vents and especially filters. Filters are advised to be checked and or replaced monthly. The rest of your unit, especially if it is more than 5 years old, should be inspected before the seasons of heavy use, winter and summer.

What factors should I consider when choosing the size of my HVAC unit?

The size of your home is of course a large component when deciding the size of your new HVAC unit. However, other factors such as the energy efficiency of your home, the size and quality of your windows and your home’s orientation to the sun. If your home isn’t very energy efficient, it may require a larger unit than usual to effectively cool and heat your home.

How should I clean my air filter?

Cleaning your air or furnace filter is an important part of maintaining your home’s air quality and your units integrity as a whole. This is why you should use the proper technique when cleaning your units filter. Sinks and tubs will not provide an adequate amount of pressure to clean your filter. Utilize your home’s hose or a vacuum with a powerful suction tool to flush out dust and dirt. If you use a hose, make sure to get both sides and start cleaning against the airflow (there should be an arrow indicating the flow of air on your filter). Make sure your filter dries completely before inserting it back into your unit.

During winter, should I cover my outdoor unit?

No. Not only is it not necessary because all major brands’ units are built to withstand harsh temperatures, but it can actually invite pests to set up their homes underneath your covered unit for the winter.

Should I be concerned about plants growing around my outdoor unit?

Yes. If vegetation grows too close to your unit, it could invite curious pests to investigate your condenser. Pests like rats and other rodents can nibble and gnaw their way through a unit and use your unit as an entry point to your home. This can lead to serious allergy and air quality issues.

If you still have more questions, we would love to answer them. Contact Cal Air Cooling and Heating for a trusted Las Vegas HVAC expert!


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