In Green Valley, Cal Air Cooling and Heating is ready to provide you with the best heating and cooling system services and products available on the market today. We provide both residential and commercial services to keep your HVAC systems in your home and office running efficiently. Our company has provided repair, installation and maintenance service options since 1979, and we remain dedicated to offering only the best in service options for Green Valley residents and businesses.

We are ready to provide a variety of quality HVAC service and product options to every Green Valley resident and business owner so that no one has to worry about being comfortable in their home of office. Our team of HVAC technicians have years of experience with providing quality maintenance, repair, and installation services, so they are able to quickly assess your needs and provide the appropriate solutions to ensure your system is operating effectively.

Below, we’ll discuss a bit more about what makes us the best Green Valley HVAC company and describe all of the ways that we can serve your commercial and residential heating and cooling needs.

A History of Quality Green Valley HVAC Services

Our company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so every customer knows that we know what it takes to take care for our clients. We provide nothing but the best products and services, allowing you to feel good about working with our staff. At Cal Air Cooling and Heating, we take pride in our work and want nothing but the best for our community.

With more than 35 years under in the HVAC industry, our company knows how important it is to have working heating and cooling systems. We offer free diagnostic services with every repair, and also provide convenient maintenance services that help you ensure that your system runs smoothly year-round. Whether you need a new system installed or find yourself with an emergency repair issue, our team has got you covered. We can help you find a new HVAC system that fits your needs and budget and take care of the repairs and maintenance for the life of the unit.

Green Valley Heating Services

During the winter, temperatures begin to plummet, and your Green Valley home must have a working heater in order to maintain optimal home comfort. With a properly functioning heating system, you will never have to worry about your comfort during this extreme season. Our team can help you with any repair need on your existing system or offer maintenance services to ensure your system will continue to operate efficiently.

If you are in need of a new system or want to replace an older unit, we also offer expert installation services as well. As a factory authorized Carrier dealer, Cal Air can provide you with a variety top quality Carrier systems and products for any new installation. Our team will help you find the heating system that is the right size for your home, and we also have financing options with approved credit, so that you can pay for your purchase over time.

Green Valley

Green Valley AC Repair and Installation

When temperatures start to heat up in Green Valley, chances are that you and your family will soon be reaching for the AC. Cal Air Cooling and Heating offers you the same great services for your cooling systems as we do with your home heating units. From central systems to heat pumps and air conditioners, we make sure that your existing units are repaired and maintained to provide quality comfort.

Our team also installs new systems with high energy efficient ratings so you spend less to cool the home during the hot summer months. To find out more about your options for a new air conditioner or to speak with someone about financing plans, contact our office today.

Indoor Air Quality in Green Valley

Your HVAC system provides airflow throughout your home. Your air filter system on your unit helps to clean the air before it circulates through your home. However, the air filters don’t always pick up all of the pollutants and allergens that enter your home. This can affect your indoor air quality and potentially impact the health of you and your family. With our indoor air quality services, you can rest assured that you will be breathing clean air. Our testing services check the quality of air in the home and provide products to keep your home air clean.

Duct Sealing in Green Valley

Duct sealing is another important service that we provide Green Valley homeowners. At Cal Air, we offer Aeroseal services that will ensure your duct work is sealed and able to provide cooling and warm comfort in the home. When you have leaks or issues with your duct work, you are basically losing money as you run your unit. We can help you save money on your air conditioning and heating costs, by sealing the duct work. This service not only saves you money on energy costs, but it also allows you to rest easy knowing that your unit is operating as it should.

Heating & Cooling Maintenance in Green Valley

The best preventative measure you can take as a homeowner is to schedule maintenance service for your heating or cooling system. At Cal Air, we offer you quality maintenance services that will help you ensure your unit is ready to operate year-round. We inspect every component of your system and when repair needs are found, we repair the component so your system is back on track for the next season. Schedule preventative maintenance with us today to feel good about your home heating and cooling system.

Cal Air Cooling and Heating has served the Green Valley area for over 30 years, and we would love to add your home or office to our list of lifelong clients. Contact us today to learn more about how our experienced HVAC team can help you and your family achieve ultimate home comfort.