Choosing the Right Thermostats for Your Home

Home thermostats are the components responsible for controlling your furnace or cooling system to turn on or off as the temperature in your home fluctuates. The right thermostat can be the difference between a cozy time indoors or an uncomfortable one. Often, though, homeowners neglect the crucial aspect of thermostat choice in their HVAC systems and pay the price for it. It’s vital to buy the right one for your system as it affects both comfort and energy consumption in your home.

Right Thermostats for Your Home

Here are some recommendations from top HVAC contractors for the thermostat of your dreams.

HVAC Contractor Recommendations: Type

According to HVAC contractors, thermostats vary depending on their internal operation as well as by the type of equipment manufacturers design them to control. They are either electromechanical or electronic. While both of them work with most types of HVAC systems, electronic thermostats offer considerably more control. This is thanks to the electronic sensing element that’s more responsive to temperature changes compared to bi-metal sensors.

HVAC Contractor Recommendations: Thermostat Matching

When buying a thermostat, heating and cooling contractors always remind homeowners to pay attention to the equipment the thermostat is meant to regulate. Some thermostats are designed to control only the furnace, while others have the ability to manage both the furnace, the air conditioner, and the heat pump.

You’ll need thermostats designed for complicated functions if your HVAC system provides multiple stages of heating and cooling. Such examples include dual-speed air conditioners or furnaces with dual sets of burners. Some sophisticated thermostats can automatically calculate when heat needs to come on to bring temperature levels to the exact level you’ve programmed.

HVAC Contractor Recommendations: Features

The choice of thermostat typically boils down to personal preference. That is, unless you have a multi-stage heating or cooling system as they require specific types of thermostats. Homeowners who have a tendency to veer away from advanced and complicated systems prefer the simplicity that comes with conventional, electromechanical thermostat models.

More tech-savvy homeowners, on the other hand, tend to prefer electronic thermostats. Though the electronic variants tend to look alike, their features can vary widely, making their price difference broad in proportion. Thankfully, manufacturers these days are making conscious efforts to make their electronic thermostats as user-friendly and as affordable as possible.

Cal Air Cooling and Heating: The Top HVAC Contractor in Las Vegas

The human body is naturally sensitive to both heat gain and heat loss. That’s why homeowners invest in ventilation, proper insulation, efficient windows, weatherstripping and cooling systems to direct unwanted heat loss or gain. With the thermostat among the most essential components of an HVAC system, choosing the right one can make all the difference.

Cal Air Cooling and Heating is the frontrunner among all HVAC contractors in Las Vegas. We’ve been proudly serving the Las Vegas since 1979. In all that time, we’ve steadily built a reputation for integrity, quality, and superior customer service.

Call us today at (702) 550-1435 and we’ll provide you with the right thermostats for your home.

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