Do These Things in Fall to Prolong the Life of Your HVAC Unit


HVAC systems are a big investment. That is why it is important for homeowners to do all that they can to prolong the life of their heating and cooling systems. Fall is a slower season for HVAC companies, making it a great time to schedule your annual tune-up or make an appointment for repairs in order to get the most out of your HVAC system.

How to Prolong the Life of Your HVAC Unit

Here are just a few ways that you can get more out of your HVAC system and prolong the life of your unit:

  • Get an annual tune-up. It is recommended that all homeowners get a tune-up annually. Fall is the best time to do this so that you can identify and fix issues before you start using your heater in the winter.
  • Change your air filters regularly. Cleaning or replacing your air filters regularly is not only important for indoor air quality, but also energy efficiency and the health of your unit. When the air filter is dirty or clogged, it can cause your system to work harder than it needs to in order to keep your home comfortable.
  • Schedule any necessary repairs. If your HVAC unit needs repairs, make sure that you schedule these at the first sign of trouble. Broken or malfunctioning parts can put stress on your heating or cooling system, potentially causing even more damage.

Take Advantage of Fall and Winter Specials from Cal Air

Cal Air Heating and Cooling is offering Las Vegas homeowners the opportunity to save money on HVAC services this fall and winter. Here are just some of the great promotions that can help you save money on HVAC services before the new year:

  • Save $50 on Repairs – Save $50 on any repair under $1,000 at Cal Air Heating and Cooling. The offer expires January 31, 2017.
  • Save $100 on Repairs – Save $100 on any repair over $1,000 from Cal Air Heating and Cooling. This offer also expires on January 31, 2017.
  • Buy 2 Get One Free on Maintenance – Get one free maintenance check-up with the purchase of an Advantage Club Membership. This membership normally offers 2 maintenance check-ups and value rate pricing on emergency repairs and priority service during the year. However, with this deal you get an extra 6 months of club membership. This offer is only available for first time members and expires on January 31, 2017.
  • Free Air Purifier Installation – When you purchase an Infinity Air Purifier from Cal Air, we will install the equipment for free. This offer is a $140 value and expires on January 31, 2017.

If you have been thinking about upgrading or replacing your existing unit, you may also be eligible for significant savings. Now until November 15, 2016, Carrier is offering factory rebates of up to $1,650 on the purchase of new qualifying Carrier systems and equipment. This offer isn’t available for much longer, so make sure to let us know you are interested as soon as possible.

With so many ways to save, it is clear that now is the best time to service your HVAC unit or even upgrade your entire system. Contact us today for more information, and ask about our Winter 60 month special financing with approved credit on qualifying systems.

UV Germicidal Irradiation Improves Your Home’s Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is just as much of a threat to our well-being as outdoor pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality has a significant impact on our health. Those who suffer from allergies know that even diligent dusting and frequent cleaning don’t always alleviate the symptoms. This is because airborne microbes still exist in the air, blown through furnace and air-conditioning filters and circulated throughout homes and buildings.

Germicidal UV light kills mildew, mold and other microbes

A number of health studies have shown that using germicidal ultraviolet light is effective against indoor pollution like the mildew, mold, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores that permeate the air. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation is the use of short wavelength ultraviolet light, known as UV-C. The UV light kills or inactivates microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids, which disrupts their DNA.

Experts rely on UV germicidal irradiation

UV lamps are used for indoor air quality control in two ways – upper-room air and in-duct ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. UV light is recommended for hospitals, laboratories, food-processing plants and other public facilities where indoor air quality is a significant health factor. UV has also been incorporated in The Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings by the U.S. General Services Administration Office of the Chief Architect.

Our effort to be more “green” may be making us sick

Mold and airborne pathogens are on the rise in U.S. homes, and this is due – in part – to how we now insulate our homes to improve energy efficiency and how that affects airflow. Using UV lamps in your home or business ductwork, or shining the light directly on the A/C or heat pump evaporator coils, will successfully complement the other efforts you make to reduce allergens in the air. The addition of ultraviolet radiation, alongside an HVAC filtration system running at optimum levels, will ensure the air you breathe won’t make you sick.

Help improve the quality of the air you breathe

We want to help our customers understand the options available to them, so the HVAC equipment used in their home will help them live as comfortably as possible. Cal Air Cooling and Heating promises to serve our customers throughout the greater Las Vegas area with the best service available, so to learn more about improving your air with germicidal UV light, please call us at (702) 728-4247.

Commercial Heat Pump Troubleshooting

If your commercial heat pump breaks down, it’s possible to do some troubleshooting before calling your HVAC specialist. If you enjoy trying to figure out what’s wrong before calling for help, these troubleshooting tips can help you determine the problem.

When the Heat Pump Ices Up

A layer of ice on top of the heat pump may signal a problem. Heat pump coils can also become encased in ice and the entire unit can become covered with a thick layer of snow and ice. All the ice will prevent heat from transferring between the outside air and the refrigerant, which impedes the heat pump’s operation. Not taking care of it quickly can cause irreparable damage.

Troubleshooting for Icing

  • The unit isn’t defrosting—Heat pumps switch to air conditioning mode periodically in order to melt away frost and light ice. If system isn’t defrosting, ice can quickly build up. Faulty relays, controls and sensors can all contribute to defrost issues. There might also be an issue with the reverse valve, which is responsible for switching the heat pump to air conditioning mode.
  • A problem with the outdoor fan—The fan motor might be failing or dead, or the fan could me damaged. This would stop heat from releasing from the unit and cause ice to build up.
  • Low refrigerant—A slow refrigerant leak can make the charge low enough that the system doesn’t produce enough heat for melting the frost. In this case, the unit will probably have a hard time reaching the set temperature.
  • The outdoor unit is blocked—When piles of snow accumulate around the outdoor unit, icing can develop from the impeded airflow.
  • Water is dripping onto the unit—A layer of ice may form on top of a unit when water constantly drips onto it from leaky gutters.

If your heat pump has iced over, remove any snow and debris that is blocking the unit, melt the ice with hose water, and check for and repair leaking gutters.

When the Heat Pump Runs Constantly

Heat pumps can often seem like they run constantly in cold weather, but in most cases, they’re actually just running normally. However, if your heat pump is running all the time and it’s over about 35 degrees, it might need repair. Issues that can cause the heat pump to keep running include leaking refrigerant, a compressor problem, a frozen outdoor unit or a unit that is too small to heat the space properly.

When the Heat Pump Blows Cold in Heat Mode

If your heat pump blows cold air when it’s in heat mode, it might have one of the following issues:

  • a valve problem
  • a compressor problem
  • a refrigerant charge issue

Your system may also just need to be cleaned and maintained, if it’s overdue for service.

Your HVAC technician can help you troubleshoot any issue with your heat pump and get you the service you need to fix the problem.

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Benefits of Controlling Indoor Air Quality

Air quality has a huge impact on your indoor environment, both at home and in the workplace. In turn, the quality of your indoor air depends largely on the health of your household or commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. A well-maintained system provides several distinct benefits, especially when it comes to your ability to stay healthy.

HVACs and Air Quality

An HVAC system is designed to heat and cool the air inside a sealed indoor environment. When running during any part of the year, the system acts as the main portal for essentially all of the air passing in and out of your home or workplace. This is especially true in many office buildings, which have windows that don’t open. When indoor pollutants (e.g., dust, cigarette smoke and toxic gases) accumulate, your HVAC system plays a crucial role in removing these hazards from the air and preserving air quality. In addition, if not properly maintained, your HVAC system has the potential to actively introduce air quality problems in the form of disease-carrying microorganisms or toxic gases.

Air Quality Benefits

The chief benefits of controlling indoor air quality are all health-related. For example, you have smaller chances of getting sick if the air you breathe at home or on the job doesn’t contain high levels of bacteria, mold, fungi or other microorganisms. Similarly, you have smaller chances of experiencing asthma symptoms or developing some sort of allergic reaction if the air you breathe doesn’t contain lots of mold, pollen, dust or pet dander. An indoor environment free from carbon monoxide and secondhand cigarette smoke is substantially less likely to promote the potentially fatal short- and long-term health conditions associated with exposure to those substances.

Getting the Best From Your HVAC System

There are quite a few things you can do to get the best out of your HVAC system’s ability to control indoor air quality. The most basic step is setting up a regular maintenance program that involves steps such as changing out dirty filters and checking for leaks and wet insulation (a perfect environment for the growth of many dangerous microbes). An HVAC professional can help you develop an effective maintenance routine, in addition to carrying out all aspects of that routine. An HVAC professional can also equip your system with an air-purifying unit designed to eliminate the vast majority of possible airborne pollutants, as well as a monitor designed to check for the buildup of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde or any other common toxic gas. In addition, a heating and cooling specialist can install devices that support high ongoing air quality by checking temperature and humidity levels inside your home or place of business.

Make sure to bookmark this blog and check back often for more information on the best ways to preserve your indoor air quality.

Residential vs Commercial HVAC

Commercial HVACWhen it comes to keeping cool, both commercial air conditioning and home HVAC systems do the job. You can rely on your system as long as you take care of them and understand the differences. Here at Cal Air, we pride ourselves on giving you the best in service for your residential HVAC systems and your commercial HVAC.

There are similarities and differences in the two systems. Check out the points below and learn how to compare the two systems in your office and home.

Commercial HVAC Installation Location

When it comes to the location of the commercial system, a commercial HVAC contractor will typically place the unit on the roof. Commercial units are big, and need a lot of space. In general, roofs are unused spaces and ideal for commercial HVAC units. You’ll notice most often times the home HVAC systems are in the back yard or somewhere on the outside of the home.

Commercial HVAC is Larger

The commercial air conditioning systems is much larger than a typical home system. It has a lot more area to cover and cool so it has to have the power to do it. A home system can range in sizes depending on the square foot of your house. Sometimes it is necessary to have two units on your home such as when you have an upstairs and downstairs.


Both systems require maintenance on a regular basis. When it comes to keeping comfortable and being efficient at it, the maintenance will help you do both. It is important that both units have sufficient maintenance to insure they are working properly. Most often it’s recommended to have it checked out at least once a year, sometimes more if you’re noticing problems.

Commercial HVAC Repairs

While repairs can cost a bit if not taken care of in a timely manner, the commercial units will typically cost more to repair. This is due to the size and more complexity that commercial buildings have. Repairs do not need to linger. If you notice an issue it’s important to have our technicians come out to inspect it. This can save you money in the long run if you catch the problem early.

Split vs. Packaged

You’ll find that most commercial systems are packaged whereas the residential are split air conditioning systems. This simply means that the system on the roof typically has everything in one area while the home unit has a few different places where components are housed.

Modular vs. Stand Alone

When you install a unit in your home it is a stand-alone unit. This means that if your need for energy increases, the whole unit has to be replaced. In commercial units you’ll find that these can be added on to over a time period if the need for output increases. It saves you from having to replace your expensive commercial unit all at once.

Both the systems will heat and cool your home or business efficiently. Taking care of both units are key to the long life of the unit. Whether you’re at the home or the office, you can count on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable.

Our technicians at Cal Air make it easy to stay cool and confident in your system. Set up your routine maintenance inspections to make sure everything is running properly before you run into a repair issue. Whether you need a commercial HVAC contractor or a technician for your home, our office is proud to offer a variety of services for your needs. Make an informed decision today by talking with one of our highly trained and qualified technicians. Call our office and see how our technicians can keep you cool in the hot summer months to come.

5 Steps to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Infinity Air ConditionerSummer is here which means one thing, warm weather. Is your air conditioner prepared for the hot summer months? We sure hope so! If you are unsure or think that your HVAC system may be in need of maintenance now is the perfect time to do it. Here at Cal Air we have worked hard to provide you with some air conditioning maintenance tips so that your air conditioner will be up and running good for the hot summer months.

Clean The Outside Condenser Unit

Before you ever turn your air conditioner unit on it is important that you make sure your air conditioner unit is free of any debris for they can easily clog up your unit. We recommend that you leave at least 2 feet of clear space open around your unit. If your unit is placed under trees or around any bushes it is important that you trim any low-hanging branches or trim back any bushes that may obstruct the air flow through your air conditioner unit. If your air-conditioning unit has gone through the winter without being covered up it probably needs to be cleaned up. We recommend that you hose your unit off with a garden hose to remove any dust or debris, but never use a pressure washer because it can easily damage the fins inside your unit.

Check the Ductwork

Most of the time the majority of your air duct system is going to be hidden behind a wall, however there are usually some areas where the ductwork will be exposed for inspection purposes. For example if you have an unfinished basement or an attic you should examine your ductwork in these areas. It is not uncommon for rodents to take shelter in your ductwork for the winter months and they can do some serious damage to your ductwork. You also need to look for any signs of rust or damaged insulation while inspecting your duct system. You should always do a test run of your air conditioning unit to check for any odd smells that may be coming from your vents. It’s not completely impossible for a rodent or some type of animal to get in your duct system and die. If this were to happen it is important that you have a professional come out and clean your ductwork. Our professionals at Cal Air would be more than happy to help you find the problem and clean your ducts if necessary.

Change The Air Filters

The number one thing that we recommend that you do is changing your air filter. The whole purpose for a filter to be in your HVAC system is to remove the dust and debris from the air flow so that they don’t get inside your home and if your air filter is not changed properly the filter will become clogged allowing dust to get into your air system. Depending on what type of filters your HVAC system uses we recommend that you change your filter once a month to once every three months.

Tune Up Your HVAC Equipment

Over time your HVAC system will begin to require maintenance. Some of the things you can check yourself while others may be a little more difficult so it’s best to leave it up to us. It is important to keep your HVAC maintenance up to date because your system could develop a loose connection, the belts may begin slipping, or the lubricants can even evaporate.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

The last step that you should take in order to prepare your air conditioner unit for the summer is to install a programmable thermostat if you haven’t already. A programmable thermostat will be very beneficial to you because it will save you money on your utility bills.

Overall HVAC Care

Your overall home comfort is easily cared for when you request service from our top rated company. We can provide you with residential and commercial options including indoor air quality, air duct sealing, repair service, maintenance, installation and more. Our team can provide you with every service needed to have a healthy and comfortable home year round. With over 30 years in the industry, Cal Air is ready to provide you with excellent support for your HVAC systems. Let us care for your household or business with our long list of service options. Contact our company today to learn more about the many services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

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Your Gas Furnace & Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide PoisoningYou may be wondering what exactly is carbon monoxide and how can it affect your home? Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colorless, odorless, and toxic. Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete combustion of solids, liquids, and gaseous fuels. Any appliances that are fueled with gas, oil, kerosene, or wood are capable of producing carbon monoxide. Our team here at Cal Air want to provide you with all the information involving carbon monoxide and your gas furnace that you need to know in order to keep both you and your family safe.

Where does Carbon Monoxide come from?

Carbon monoxide comes from devices that burn fuels such as a furnace. When your furnace is kept in good working condition it will produce very little carbon monoxide. By improperly operating or improperly venting your furnace it can produce high amounts of carbon monoxide sometimes even fatal amounts into your home. It is very important that you take proper furnace safety precautions to ensure that your home does not get large amounts of carbon monoxide flowing throughout the air.

What is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Any person or even an animal that is living in a space that contains a furnace should be considered at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide exposures have a significant affect on unborn babies, infants, and people that have anemia or a history of heart disease. Just buy breathing in low levels of carbon monoxide it can cause fatigue and increase chest pain in people who have chronic heart disease.

Each year there are nearly five thousand people who are treated in the hospital emergency rooms for carbon monoxide poisoning.

How to prevent your furnace from releasing too much carbon monoxide

You should start out preventing carbon monoxide by regularly maintaining your furnace, ensuring it is installed properly, and used right. It is never a bad idea to give us a call here at Cal Air to come out and make sure your furnace is operating properly. After all proper installation of a furnace is crucial to ensure that no carbon monoxide is being released into your home. During the installation process you should make sure that your furnace is vented properly according to the manufactures instructions. You should next call one of our quality technicians to come out and perform regular maintenance on your furnace.

It is very important to us at Cal Air that your home is free of carbon monoxide so that you and your family will have a safe environment to live in. Never hesitate to give us a call to come out and check your furnace after all you should be one hundred percent sure that your furnace is not producing a lot of carbon monoxide to prevent both you and your family from getting carbon monoxide poisoning.

Overall HVAC Care

Your overall home comfort is easily cared for when you request service from our top rated company. We can provide you with residential and commercial options including indoor air quality, air duct sealing, repair service, maintenance, installation and more. Our team can provide you with every service needed to have a healthy and comfortable home year round. With over 30 years in the industry, Cal Air is ready to provide you with excellent support for your HVAC systems. Let us care for your household or business with our long list of service options. Contact our company today to learn more about the many services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

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3 Tips for Managing Heating Bills

Winter is when you find yourself reaching for the thermostat for your heater to try and stay warm during the cold weather. Although turning up the heater can come with a higher cost. We are here to make your winter a little less stressful with a few helpful tips on how to manage your heating bill. Just by doing simple things such as adjusting your heater’s thermostat, repairing air duct leaks, or calling a professional when needed, you will see a decrease in your winter heating bill.

(1) Adjust Your Thermostat

You may not think something as simple as adjusting your thermostat can help save you money on your heating bill, but it surprisingly can! Just by setting your thermostat back by one degree you can save as much as one percent for every eight hours. Another way to save money each month is to turn your thermostat down five degrees while you sleep at night. A cooler temperature at night can be offset with an additional blanket while you sleep.

You should also adjust your thermostat if you plan to travel for the holidays, or if you plan to be gone for a long period of time during the day. Believe it or not adjusting your thermostat while you are gone to work, school, or even town can save you a good amount of money on your heating bill. However the trick is how far back you set your thermostat. You should set it back at least ten to fifteen degrees to ensure that you save the most money as possible on your heating bill.

(2) Reduce Air Leaks

Air leaks are one of the largest causes of high-energy bills because they waste your homes energy efficiency. Just by examining and properly sealing air leaks in your home can save you up to ten percent each month on your heating bill. You should examine your air ducts regularly to make sure that there are not any places where air is escaping.

If you were to find a place that seems to be leaking don’t worry because air duct sealing your home is actually quite simple. All you need is time, elbow grease, and caulk. If your existing material however is ripped, damaged, or worn you may also need some weather stripping for the air duct sealing process. If you however are not comfortable with sealing your home and its air ducts alone you can always call a professional to help.

(3) Call the Experts

If you want to ensure that your heater is working efficiently during the cold winter months you may want to consider hiring a professional to work on your heating system. Cal Air can help you out with all your heating system needs. Our professionals here at Cal Air can easily evaluate your system and identify any inefficiency within your heating system. By adjusting gas pressure, replacing air filters, and having routine maintenance completed on your heating system, you can save a lot of money on your heating bill, and with the help of our professionals here at Cal Air we can make that happen.

With years of experience the professionals here at Cal Air can show you just how low-cost improvements to your heater can increase its efficiency this winter and save you some money. The people here at Cal Air are always striving to find ways to help save you money while providing you with a comfortable living environment in the process. We look forward to talking to you soon!

What does it mean if your furnace is making a weird noise?

FurnacesHeating systems are an important part of your home. They help keep you and your family members warm during the cold winter months.   It is important to understand when your heating system might be in need of repairs.  A common sign that your system might need repairs is when you hear the system making strange noises.  It is important to catch the need for repairs in time to have them fixed before they cause larger, more complicated issues.  If you can contact a professional technician to investigate repairs before they get worse, you can save yourself some time and money in the long run.  If you hear any of the following strange noises coming from your heating system, contact a technician immediately to inspect your heating system for any issues.


If you are hearing a grinding noise, this can be a common noise heard from a heating system that is having problems functioning properly.  When you hear a grinding noise, it usually means that some of the parts in your heating system might be scraping against other parts in the system.  This can be a very bad sign.  The grinding noises could also be a sign that a bent fan blade is striking a metal component that is nearby, a part of the motor could be overheating, or a piece of debris could also be stuck in the blades of the fan.   If you hear a grinding noise in your system, it is important to turn off the system immediately to prevent further damage and contact a technician immediately.


A loud banging noise coming from your heating system could mean that your radiator is broken or not functioning properly.  Replacing a radiator can be very expensive and time consuming, so you want to be sure you investigate a banging noise immediately.  Contact your technician to have him or her inspect your heating system and describe to them the noises you are hearing.  A banging noise that occurs when the heat kicks on is a sign that the radiator is in need of repairs.


Another common noise heard from a defective heating system could be a humming noise.  A common cause of this type of noise could be that the heating system is working too hard and might be in danger of shutting down.  The humming can be caused by the motors in the fan or some other part of the heating system working too hard to do the job it is designed for.  Another possible cause of a humming noise could be that there is a leak somewhere in the heating system, which is ultimately causing a loss of warm air and thus creating the humming sound.


A hissing or buzzing noise could mean that a leak is occurring somewhere in the system, as discussed with the humming noise. This hissing noise that is coming from the heating system could also be a sign that your system is having a serious issue.   The sound could also be caused by an electrical failure, which could cause your heating system to overwork itself or ultimately shut down completely.

It is not difficult to understand that strange noises coming from your heating system can be a sure sign that your system is not functioning as it should be.  If you hear any strange noises coming from your heating system, do not ignore those noises, no matter how small or infrequent they may be.  Ignoring noises can lead to bigger issues for your heating system, and you want to insure your family is warm during the winter months.

Overall HVAC Care

Your overall home comfort is easily cared for when you request service from our top rated company. We can provide you with residential and commercial options including indoor air quality, air duct sealing, repair service, maintenance, installation and more. Our team can provide you with every service needed to have a healthy and comfortable home year round. With over 30 years in the industry, Cal Air is ready to provide you with excellent support for your HVAC systems. Let us care for your household or business with our long list of service options. Contact us today to learn more about the many services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

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How Are We Different?

Fall HVAC NeedsWhen you are in need of air conditioning and heating service in your Southern Nevada home, we want you to rely on the options available at our full service HVAC Company, Cal Air Cooling and Heating. Our company offers you only the best in repair service, maintenance and installations for your home. You may be wondering why you should choose us for your home HVAC needs. Why should you choose us for service? How are we different? We want you to understand exactly how much we care for your home and family members. Your home comfort will be cared for by top rated technicians and specialists so that you can rest easy in your home during the summer and winter months. Below are a few examples as to how we can be beneficial to your Las Vegas area home.

Quality You Can Count On

When you request service from our team, we will provide you with the quality service you expect from a top rated HVAC company. We offer nothing but the best in maintenance, repair service and installation. We want to provide you the essential service you need to have a comfortable home no matter what the season. We use only quality products by Carrier so you can expect your system to operate at maximum capacity year round.

Reliable Technicians

Each of our technicians has vast experience in the HVAC industry and the knowledge needed to provide you and your home with first-rate service. If your unit breaks down, we can help. We arrive on time and make sure that we repair your unit right the first time so that you can count on the system to provide heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. Our reliable technicians care about you and your home and will provide only quality customer service every time we enter your home.

Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are equipped to handle installations, replacements, repairs and more. We can provide you with the top-rated products your home deserves. Let us provide you with the best energy efficient home heating and cooling systems so you can enjoy better comfort in the home. With these top rated products, you will be able to experience lower heating and cooling bills so you can spend your hard earned money elsewhere besides on home comfort.

Savings and Coupons

At Cal Air Cooling and Heating, we want to help you save money. We understand that service such as repairs and installations can be expensive. Our team works hard to provide you with essential savings so you can spend less on the services your home needs. Free installations on certain products and other offers can be found on our Special Offers web page so you can save money when you need to stick to a budget. Let us help you with affordable service options and savings.

Overall HVAC Care

Your overall home comfort is easily cared for when you request service from our top rated company. We can provide you with residential and commercial options including indoor air quality, air duct sealing, repair service, maintenance, installation and more. Our team can provide you with every service needed to have a healthy and comfortable home year round. With over 30 years in the industry, Cal Air is ready to provide you with excellent support for your HVAC systems. Let us care for your household or business with our long list of service options. Contact our company today to learn more about the many services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

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